Where Can You Buy Sarees For Daily Wear In Delhi?

The ethnic wear section of the fashion industry is making a strong comeback with many patriotic teen wings opting to phase out the rampant popularity of western attire and replace it with a newfound love for ethnic patterns, designs and clothing. This phenomenon is clearly exhibited in the recent increase in demand for khadi and cotton clothing. As you decide to restock your wardrobe with sarees and churidars, we take a look at the best places to buy sarees in Delhi. For the purpose of convenience and clarity, in this article, we focus on the stores in Chandni Chowk region of Delhi.

Roop Saree Creation:

This store has excellent designer sarees on display that lie on that wonderful boundary where the designers are not famous enough to charge you a bomb yet but are very good at their trade. Sarees here begin from the 2.5k range and are suitable for both regular wears as well as special occasions. Extravagant sarees with intricate work in a range of deep shades is the norm at Roop Saree Creation and rarely has a customer left the store unsatisfied. When shopping for sarees and lehengas in Chandni Chowk, this is a must visit.

Sindoor Saree Kendra:

When you’re purchasing sarees for regular wear, you probably have to give up on those wonderful sequin works that brings out your glamour so as to be suitably comfortable. Right? Wrong! Sindoor Saree Kendra has successfully solved the age-old tradeoff between comfort and heavy sexy embroidery through cunning manipulation of fabrics. Their sarees are heavy with sequins and embroidery, giving them a rich and royal look. At the same time, the fabrics used in the sarees are not at all compromised on, and comfort of the highest level is achieved. All this at a starting range of 2-2.5k Indian rupees.

Jain Saree Centre:

The starting range of sarees in the Jain Saree Centre located in Chandni Chowk is 3-3.5k INR and cannot thus be honestly called pocket-friendly when shopping for daily wear sarees. However, there is a solid reason for its inclusion in the list of top stores to shop for sarees in Delhi. The sarees here are accompanied by intricate pleating which saves you the time and effort of pleating on a daily basis. This reduction in efforts on a regular basis makes the sarees well worth the extra bucks you shelled out, particularly when they are worn daily.

Chhabra 555:

Chhabra 555 sarees are famous in Chandni Chowk as some of the best and most regal looking collections in the market. In fact, one can spot these wonderful pieces from a long distance, from the alluring aura around the wearer. The work on these sarees is often too dense to be used for daily wear, but if you pick one out with minimal embroidery, you can definitely sport it to office as well as other routine commitments. One can never go wrong when shopping for sarees at Chhabra 555.

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