Gift Ideas For Teddy Day

The Valentine’s Day is close now, and all warm hearts are being prepared to share their emotions. Couples across the world are making plans to celebrate this day of love. The entire second week of February is celebrated as the romance week starting from Rose day on 7th Feb to Valentine’s day on 14th February. Every year gifting companies come up with new options and gift ideas to express your undying love to someone.

The 4th day of the Valentine’s week i.e. 10th February is celebrated as Teddy day. Each day of the valentine’s week is dedicated to expressing your love through exchanging a particular type of gift item. The Teddy day which falls on 10th February is the day dedicated to declare your love by exchanging cute and cuddly teddy bears which are considered as a symbol of love. You can order cake online in Udaipur and surprise your loved one along with several other gifts in the valentine’s week.

Different types of gift ideas for Teddy Day

On this year’s, Teddy day, surprise your loved one by sending a Teddy Day gift. Here are some ideas for teddy day gifts: –

  1. Life size Teddy Bear: This would be one of the most romantic gifts for the love of your life. The soft cuddly teddy bear is supposed to remind her about you. You will get teddy bear in different colours and can select one that you like the most.
  2. Panda Bear: After the famous movie, gifting panda teddy bear has also become a trend. Pandas are adorable creatures, and they are much huggable. A soft panda toy would make a perfect gift for your Valentine on the Teddy day.
  3. Cuddly teddy with roses: You can mix the teddy bear soft toy with a bunch of rose flower bouquet to make it even more romantic. The bouquet need not be very huge, in fact, it would be better if the size of the teddy bear is bigger than the rose bouquet. You can select the colour of rose based on the colour of teddy bear.
  4. Voice recordable teddy bear: In this type of teddy day gift, you can record a message in your voice. Your Valentine can play this message every time she holds the teddy bear. This gift is expensive when compared to others.
  5. Hugging Teddy Bear: This would include two teddy bears hugging each other in a very cute way. This is a single piece of gift, and the teddy bears would be joined in a hug. This makes a very cute and romantic gift that is perfect for the teddy day.

Normally the colours of teddy bear would include shades of brown, yellow, white, pink, etc. You can buy teddy day gifts online in Udaipur. It is better not to go for colours that are too light as it will get soiled soon. Most of the teddy bear soft toys are washable. However, there would not be any guarantee on retaining the softness and texture of the material used for making the teddy bear.

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