Five Amazing Features That Make You Buy Spin Mops

Introduction: Who doesn’t love a clean and welcoming house? After a tiring long day, a clean and organized home refreshes your mind and gives that inner peace. After all, cleaning is not an easy task after having to work the entire day, people who are physically stumped with conditions like backaches, arthritis, or body pain struggle even more. Revolution in mopping sticks has brought in some amazing features that make the process so easy and has become a boon to a bunch of mothers who struggles with mopping every other day. This article speaks about the features of the spin mop that makes your life easier and some guidelines in using it.

Five amazing features that make the spin mop standout:

  1. Flexible mop head: Traditional mop sticks come with strings of rag attached to one end of the rod, it will not fit into the tight spaces of the house. Mopping under the sofa, heavy chairs, or refrigerators can be quite a task with traditional mops. Spin mops can easily do this task without even letting you bend any lower. Spin-mop heads come with 360′ maneuverability that reaches every corner of your house.
  2. Removable and washable replacements: Spin mops’ heads can be easily detached and washed in washing machines and can be used further. The life of these spin mop heads is quite long and serves the purpose well for a longer period. If you prefer to clean the space twice with a wet rag and a dry cloth, this feature can be helping you with that. After mopping the surface with the wet mop-head, replace the wet mop-head with a clean and dry mop-head to wipe off the excess water from the floor. This gives you a sense of ultimate relief.
  3. Microfiber mop-heads: The invasion of a microfiber cloth has truly changed the way of cleaning surfaces. Microfiber wipe clothes are the top-sellers in the market. Microfibers tend to absorb the liquid three times as any cotton rag would do. Study shows that microfiber cloth tends to remove about 99% of bacteria off the surface without the use of harsh chemicals. Houses with toddlers have to use this over normal clothes or chemical detergents for cleaning.
  4. Mechanical wringing: This invention has a valid purpose. We feel the mopping a tiring process and very rigorous as it requires us to wring the mop head every time we dunk into the water. Spin mops come with mechanical wringing that does not need any electrical or electronic support to wring the excess water. This would be very helpful if you are living with any physical conditions and can’t work hard.
  5. Splash guard: Spin mops come with a splash guard that protects you and the cleaned floor from any water spillage. 

Take away: Spin mops come with various other features too. You may like to browse online to grab the one that serves the best for your need. If your space is congested and loaded with articles with tight spaces, you should go with a spin mop that has a narrow or small head. If your space is wide enough and almost empty, you might like to have a larger mop-head that covers larger space in one go. Length of the rod, material of the rod, and quality of the rod have to be considered before purchasing best spin mop. Overall spin mops pay a high value for the money.

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