Benefits Derived From Wearing 13 Mukhi Rudraksha

The rudraksha is considered to be a holy bead that has been praised by Hindus for its spiritual interest in God. Wearer of this bead is likely to have greater interest in worshipping God and to stay away from sin.

About 13 mukhi rudraksha

The rudraksha 13 mukhi beads are said to be derived from a tree generally found on the foothills of the Himalayas and more especially in northern India and Nepal. Before it is ready to be worn, the beads are said to undergo various procedures and then cleansed properly with mantras so that it has the right effects and is effective on the wearer.


One of the most parts of the 13 mukhi rudraksha is termed to be that of pleasing Planet Venus, thereby providing happiness to the wearer. This type of rudraksha also offers the person with mental stability and spiritual enhancement. Wearing it helps the person to emerge successful in life and overcome all types of challenges easily and effectively. Apart from this, Lord Kamdev, the God of love and romance has been stated to bless the wearer and fulfill all his inner desires. This rudraksha is also essential for those who are in the profession of meeting with people in huge numbers like leaders, marketing professionals, etc. Wearing this rudraksha also helps to enhance performance of the wearer thereby improving his attraction and smiles. It is for this reason, this rudraksha has been termed to be more than wonderful for those having true love and to enjoy getting quick money, improved knowledge, success, increased property and awakened memory. It is equally useful for availing physical moving properties such as vehicles and real estate.

Women can also wear the 13 mukhi rudraksha and enjoy the benefits that come with it, like enhanced happiness, healthy children, good marital life and husband’s long life. It does help to remove obstacles that may come in the path and lead towards immense prosperity. According to Vedic knowledge, this rudraksha is stated to be ruled by the Goddess Durga also called ‘Mata Kalyani’.

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